Workshop “Labyrinths female about money”

On May 8, I had the privilege to speak on a crucial issue in the lives of women: The always controversial dichotomy Women-Money. Accepting an invitation from the President of Business & Professional Women Recoleta, Mrs. Cecilia Quadri, I had the pleasure of giving my talk-shop “Labyrinths female on the money” in the Palace

Balcarce of the City of Buenos Aires.

Authorities were present BPW Recoleta, members of the institution, entrepreneurs, professionals, friends and special guests as part of the fiftieth anniversary of BPW tireless work in Argentina, spreading education and participation of women in all areas of everyday life, art and business of the country.

While my initial intention was to show based on my research on the subject, fears and myths that entangle us women when talking and expose ambitions with money, the real purpose of my presentation was to initiate a feedback with the public by way of open gaps for continuing education of women, at all levels, including the economic and financial.
Here are some of the comments I received after the talk:
Shortly I will be reporting on the next workshop, this time more extensive, since the subject …. bla bla bla